Chef's Tasting Table - A Private Dining Event

Participants go behind the scenes and dine at a special table located inside the Executive Kitchen of Doral Arrowwood. Your group will have a front row seat watching and engaging with our resident wine experts, Executive Chef and his team as they prepare a six-course chef’s tasting menu. Your guests will be both entertained and educated as our culinary team takes the seasonal and farm fresh ingredients and crafts them into a fine dining experience. As each course is introduced, our wine experts will put the wine into words, introducing each unique selection from Doral Arrowwood’s expansive and award-winning wine cellar. Through this unique wine tasting, the group will experience wines from around the globe and learn the art 
of tasting and pairing. We’ll take you on a sensory adventure that will increase your appreciation for fine wine and food. 
When the meal is complete, you and your guests will retire to the Executive Dining Room for coffee and after dinner cordials.  This is truly a special night that brings a meal to life, gets the group conversing, while enjoying some of the finest wines and food together.

doral arrowwod chef's tasting table private dining meeting


• A unique dining experience
• Relaxing after a day of meetings
• Socializing
• Networking
• Great for entertaining clients 

Number of Participants

Between 15 - 20 people for this intimate dining experience


3-4 hours 

Space Requirements

We utilize the Doral Arrowwood Executive Kitchen and Executive Dining Room

For More Information

For assistance with Team Building Events or more meeting ideas contact Michelle Powers at 1-203-730-0606