Corporate Portrait


Bring out the inner creativity of your organization by engaging teams as they create the company's "portrait" or have them take a new approach to the company logo.  A charitable version of this activity can also be arranged with a local hospital by having teams create a child-friendly painting that then gets donated. 

You choose the medium: acrylics, oils, collage or a multi-media combination.  The interesting twist to this program is that sub-teams each take a piece of the portrait or the logo, but they have to ensure that their section matches up with the other teams sections.  It is truly a team effort.  The final work of art can be proudly displayed in the lobby of the office or a conference room. Or, in the case of the charitable version, displayed in the children's wing or waiting area. 

This program makes a great addition to new hire training sessions, executive-level off-sites or departmental meetings.

teambuilding, team building, painting, creativity, CSR, True North

Team benefits

  • Collaboration
  • Awakens creativity
  • Being surprised by team members
  • Getting to know your team
  • Can be a charitable/CSR activity

How physical/active is this activity

Not very physical

Number of participants 

12 - 100 people


2-4 hours

Space Requirements

Indoors or Outdoors
Tables and Chairs Required
Flip Charts
If indoors, the room must be large enough to move about in