Experiential Challenges


Participants are challenged with a series of experiential initiatives throughout this program.  Initiatives are specifically chosen to encourage the group to move beyond their”comfort zone” and increase an individuals or a teams success in the workplace.  Participants are encouraged to join in discussion pertaining to their current work environment and collaborate on solutions.  We encourage everyone on the entire team to participate. Participants can opt in or out as needed within any given challenge.

Doral Arrowwood Experiential Challenges Team Meeting

Team Benefits

  • Develop communication skills
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Goal setting
  • Build trust
  • Increase collaboration 

How physical/active is this activity?

This activity can be as active (or not) as you would like it to be

Number of participants

12 - 250


2 hours - half day - full day

Space Requirements

Indoors or outdoors with plenty of space to move about in

For More Information

For assistance with Team Building Events or more meeting ideas contact Michelle Powers at 1-203-730-0606.