Exquisite Mural


Much like a game played by Parisian artists in the early 1900s, participants work together to create a collaborative mural, made up of multiple canvases.  The team is given an overall theme from which to develop a story, one canvas at a time.  This program is a great way to work creatively with others.

Team benefits

  • Opens the door to a world where thinking is broadened
  • Enriches ones visual sense
  • Unleash a team’s inner creativity; generates new ideas and gets participants thinking in new ways
  • Instilling creativity throughout an organization can help prepare teams to handle highly volatile, increasingly complex business environments.

How physical/active is this activity

Not very physical

Number of participants 

12 - 50


2-4 hours

Space Requirements

Tables Required

For More Information

For assistance with Team Building Events or more meeting ideas contact Michelle Powers at 1-203-730-0606