Puzzlemaster Challenge


Our Puzzlemaster Challenge is a great tabletop networking activity. Teams work together to solve a variety of puzzles, in a series of timed rounds. Teams will be encouraged to leverage each other’s strengths with the series of puzzles and other challenges they will be tasked with solving. Challenges include: logic puzzles, spatial reasoning quizzes, riddles, brainteasers, and many other types of thought-provoking challenges. This program is a lot of fun for competitive groups. 

Team Benefits

High Energy
Get to know your team
Lots of laughter

How Physical is this Activity?

This activity can be as physical (or not) as you want it to be

Number of participants

25 - 100


1-1/2 hours

Space Requirements

Conference Room

For More Information

For assistance with Team Building Events or more meeting ideas contact Michelle Powers at 1-203-730-0606