Rhythm Jam


Percussion is often seen as the backbone or foundation of music, but what happens from there is an incredible example of teamwork.  Utilizing a diverse selection of drums and other percussion instruments (bongos, djembes, cymbals, five-gallon drums, pots, pans and more!) participants learn a range of drumming techniques from a professional drum instructor.  Techniques can include such things as specific rhythms, layering rhythms, call and response and more. The program culminates in each small team demonstrating their new drumming knowledge before busting into a powerful group jam session.  No prior drumming experience is required. 

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Team benefits

  • Collaboration
  • Fun and Motivating
  • Great for relaxation
  • Individuals bring their own unique style to the group dynamic

How physical/active is this activity

Not very physical

Number of participants

Up to 150


1-2 hours

Space Requirements

Indoors or Outdoors

For More Information

For assistance with Team Building Events or more meeting ideas contact Michelle Powers at 1-203-730-0606