Frequently Asked Questions

What the does TRUE NORTH Team Building do?
We plan, design and execute team building programs, recreational activities and skills development workshops. We work with corporations, small businesses, schools, colleges, non-profits – pretty much any type of organization. We can do the following for you and your team:

Discover: We bring people together to give them the opportunity to learn new things about themselves and their colleagues. This can range from really fun and collaborative group activities - whether it’s an amazing race, a charity bike build, or Office Olympics - to workshops (see below) that address a specific topic or learning objective.
Grow: Whatever you choose to do, participants have the opportunity to be successful in conquering obstacles
Achieve: This is all about having a sense of accomplishment and celebrating ones individual or team feat.
We pride ourselves in providing unique and authentic learning experiences and environments to you and your team.
We work with all types of organizations, from Fortune 500 organizations to educational institutions, to non-profits and everything in between.

What is Team Building? Team building is all about getting teams, new or existing, to work more effectively together using experiential activities as a way of learning. Our team building activities can focus on planning, collaboration, problem solving, connecting, and creativity, among other things. We will work with you to plan an effective team building program, based on your objectives.

What is Experiential Learning? The quick definition for Experiential Learning is: learning through observation and interaction.

What types of Recreational Activities do you offer? We offer a huge range of fun, outrageous, entertaining activities to get people out of the office and spend a day getting to know, or spend time with, colleagues. We can have as much adventure in the day as you would like —whether that is an amazing race, playing paintball, building bikes for charity, or cake decorating – among many, many other activities. All participants will conquer obstacles and celebrate the feat with their team.

What are Workshops? Can they be fun? Workshops focus on learning or refining a specific skill or approach. Workshops are great fun. As with everything we offer, we incorporate experiential learning into our workshops, to get participants out of their seat and bring the sessions to life. Not only are you learning a skill that can be used back at work, you will learn it in creative and very engaging ways.

What are your Custom Programs? Based on your unique needs, we would love to work with you to develop a custom team building session or workshop. We have great ideas, activities and venues to make your program special to you.

What’s in it for the team and me? A fun, and memorable day with colleagues. A break from your desk and computer or a training room. Time to think differently. Discovery, Growth, Achievement.

What should I bring? A winning attitude and a sense of humor will go a long way! Are your activities safe? There’s certainly risk involved in some of our activities, but we take every precaution possible to get you through the day injury free.

Do you travel? Of course, we love to travel, and will travel to the venue of your choice. Or, we can organize a venue for you and your team.


How did you think of these activities?   These activities are inspired by many people with several different backgrounds and a thirst for trying new things as well as getting others to try new things.  Things like experiential education, world travel, team building and training sessions we have been on, etc.

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