360 Degree Feedback


It is beneficial for organizations, teams and employees to receive Feedback.  Feedback surveys provide insight into performance and behavior which can impact management,  coworkers, customers and the bottom-line.  Using this objective, scientific performance survey allows participants to provide feedback anonymously.  Our customized surveys are specially designed to ask probing questions that get to the core of the matter—and help create positive change.  Survey’s can be created for individuals, teams or the entire organization.  Our survey service provides full administration at a competitive price.  No need to invest in software and hardware.

How it works:

  • Our team handles all aspects of administrating your survey
  • A customized survey is created, with input from you
  • Surveys are sent out to a list of the participants choosing
  • Survey’s are only accessible online; respondent’s can provide feedback 24/7
  • We update you on respondents’ progress throughout the process

When survey’s come back, the summary includes:

  • Specific recommendations for improving in an area
  • Open-ended responses and optional explanatory comments for each item rated,  providing extraordinary coaching and personal growth material
  • An online performance analysis tool for each feedback recipient to use to  create a personal development plan
  • What a low rating might mean

In addition, a consolidated report is created, with summary data for the entire organization

Team benefits: 
  • Efficient and very cost effective services
  • All feedback is kept confidential and stored securely off-site
  • Employees view assessments securely via the internet
  • Surveys are customizable and templates are also available; surveys can be tailored in many ways for your organization
What is the number of participants for this program: 
Any number
2-4 hours

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