Multi-Generational Dynamics


As three very distinct generations have come to populate the US workforce, businesses are confronting the transition from retirement age Baby Boomers to mid-career Gen X-ers and the just entering the workforce, Millennials; all who have their own values and assumptions regarding workplace behavior.  This workshop provides background as to why each generation is unique, addresses the challenges of generational differences, and provides some best practices regarding working in a multi-generational environment.

Topics covered include:

  • Effective Communication/Avoiding Miscommunication
  • What all generations have in common (respect, trust, growth and fear of change)
  • Building relationships cross-generationally
  • Leveraging strengths
  • The benefits of mentoring
  • Dealing with performance issues

All generations are encouraged to attend together!

Team benefits: 
  • Creates a better understanding of colleagues
  • Opens up lines of communication
  • Appreciate differences and understand similarities among colleagues
  • Encourages collaboration and camaraderie
What is the number of participants for this program: 
Between 4 - 50 people
Half day
Space Requirements: 
Conference Room
Tables Required
Flip Charts
LCD and screen

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