Time Management


Time isn’t always “on our side,” and this workshop will provide participants the skills to effectively manage their working time, projects, emails, etc.  Depending on what your learning objectives are for your group or team, we can cater the learning to meet those objectives.  This is a highly interactive session.

Topics that can be covered in this workshop include:

  • Using a calendar or planner
  • Planning: quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily  - from meetings, projects, desk time, emails
  • Dealing with Distraction
  • The Great Paper Shuffle - and how to avoid it
  • Procrastination Problems - identifying why and addressing methods to overcome
  • Rewarding a job or task well done
  • Down Time - ensuring there is time for you

Team benefits: 
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Establishing cohesive ways of working
What is the number of participants for this program: 
6 - 24 people
2-4 hours
Space Requirements: 
Medium-sized Meeting Room
Tables Required
Flip Charts
LCD and screen
If indoors, the room must be large enough to move about in

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