Retro Sports Day


Much like the field days of your youth, we provide a fun-filled day of retro sport activities.  Choose from a wide-range of activities for a half- or full-day of fun. Activities range from Hula Hoop competitions, three-legged races, tug-o-war, old-fashioned sack races, egg and spoon race, Whiffleball, Frisbee toss, Horseshoes,  egg toss, kickball, arm-wrestling, Dodgeball, stickball, and more!  Teams are encouraged to dress in retro sport garb as well.

True North Team Building Kickball, Retro Sports

Team benefits: 
  • High Energy
  • Something for everyone
  • Being surprised by team members
  • Collaboration
  • Great photo's
  • Getting to know your team
How physical/active is this activity: 
This activity can be as physical (or not) as you want it to be
What is the number of participants for this program: 
20 - 400+ people
Half day
Space Requirements: 
Indoors or Outdoors
If indoors, the room must be large enough to move about in

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