Live Action (Video) Game (LAVG)


We immerse your team into a real, live game structured much like a video game.  Borrowing from the principles of ‘gamification,’ team members develop their individual avatars, and are then challenged to work through ten levels as quickly and efficiently as they can.  There is something for everyone, as many skills are needed to succeed in making it all the way through the game; leveraging each participant’s strengths is key.  The program features unlocking levels, achieving goals, and taking on a variety of challenges. 


Team benefits: 
  • Create stronger, more collaborative teams
  • Getting to know your team
  • Problem-solving
How physical/active is this activity: 
This activity can be as physical (or not) as you want it to be
What is the number of participants for this program: 
25 - 100
1-2 hours
Space Requirements: 
Indoors or Outdoors
If indoors, the room must be large enough to move about in

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