Launch It!


Go medieval while teams design, build and use their catapults to launch an object as far as possible.  Each team uses their combined creative brain power to build a catapult, sling shot, trebuchet or centrifugal while making decisions around investments in market research, equipment and inter team collaboration. The task is further complicated by a limited budget, multiple scenarios and a tight time frame (sound familiar?!). The activity has multiple levels adding to the challenge and fun. The pressure to perform is high, but so are the laughs as each team attempts to win new customers while maximizing profits and launching objects far into the distance.  

There are roles for everyone in this activity.  We encourage everyone on the entire team to participate. Participants can sub in or out as needed within any given challenge.

Team benefits: 
  • High Energy
  • Getting to know your team
  • Leveraging team strengths
  • Great photo's
  • Lots of laughter
How physical/active is this activity: 
This activity can be as physical (or not) as you want it to be
What is the number of participants for this program: 
10 - 100 people
2-4 hours
Space Requirements: 
Indoors or Outdoors
If indoors, the room must be large enough to move about in

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