The Matrix


A perfect activity for groups that want to engage in a fun, competitive activity that also emphasizes group coordination.  The activity requires groups to complete 10 different activities as quickly as possible. Some of these activities can be done by one person while other activities require 2-5 participants from their group. Each challenge is different; some are pure logic puzzles while others are building related and still others have a slight physical component.  

The speed and efficiency of each group to complete their tasks means the more time they will receive to complete their final task – a conference center wide quick scavenger hunt which requires them to take photos, gather objects and answer trivia. All of this leads to a final winner and a lot of fun had by all.

team building, teambuilding, the matrix
Team benefits: 
  • Collaboration
  • Resource Allocation
  • Delegation
  • Problem-solving
How physical/active is this activity: 
Moderately physical
What is the number of participants for this program: 
20 - 400+ people
2-4 hours
Space Requirements: 
Tables Required
Additional space requirements: 

This activity is done almost exclusively at tables so it can be easily done in the same space as previous meetings or conferences. 

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