Terrific Texas Hold 'Em


We combine the fastest growing “sport” with an engaging and fun team building activity.  The game starts with an introduction to the basics of poker (rules, etiquette, strategies), focusing on Texas Hold ‘Em.  All participants are supplied with “cheat sheets “of winning hands for use during the tournament. Teams are formed working together, but are playing at different tables.  Throughout the tournament teams have the opportunity to meet and discuss strategies and share chips to ensure the “win.”
The winners and team rankings are announced, to much fanfare, at the end of the allotted time for play.  

Texas Hold 'Em, team meeting, teambuilding, risk vs. reward, strategy

Team benefits: 
  • Social
  • Strategic planning and thinking
  • Risk and reward, in a dynamic team setting
  • Fun and engaging, great atmosphere
How physical/active is this activity: 
Not very physical
What is the number of participants for this program: 
10 - 500 people
1-2 hours
Space Requirements: 
Tables Required

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