Cardboard Motor Speedway

  • Duration: 2-4hrs
  • Group size: up to 200+

Teams work collaboratively to create an entire Cardboard Motor Speedway complete with “Tricky Triangles,” “Twin Rings,” “Rovals” and more for inspiration in racecourse design. Each team is responsible for building a 5’ – 10’ length of track, with each team having their own unique track difficulty added in, as an extra challenge. Each team is responsible for designing and creating their own Remote-Controlled cardboard race-car, on the chassis we provide. Teams then compete against each other in a series of timed races in a fight to the finish line. There are roles for the racing- and non-racing fans alike. This is a very creative and fun way for a team to work together and then compete against each other for the coveted CMS Trophy. This is a great activity for a large group of people.


  • Planning & Project Management
  • Competition
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Celebrating Success
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