Whether you are looking to get the team out of the office for a few hours or for a full day or fill in the downtime at an off-site, True North has events to reenergize everyone. Bring people together with one of our engaging and energizing recreational events – choose from a wide array of music, art, sports, and networking events – any of which can be customized to your team.

Celebrity Game Night

  • Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Group size: up to 100+

Is the topic around the water cooler in your office about the latest celebrity gossip or, maybe about last night’s TV twist? If so, the True North Celebrity Game Night is perfect for your group. In this fun, fast paced event teams participate in party style games with a pop culture twist.


  • High Energy
  • Getting to know your team
  • Friendly competition
  • Lots of laughter
  • Pop Culture
  • Networking Fun