Design a Wine - Blending workshop

  • Duration: 1.5-2hrs
  • Group size: 50+

Enjoy the experience of learning more about wine made even better by our super knowledgeable sommelier, who is fantastic at bringing the Joys of Wine to life.

In this unique wine-based workshop, our professional sommelier will lead an interactive wine tasting with your group that instructs them on the finer notes of wine through tasting and aroma education.

Then, teams are provided with professional wine blending equipment to design their own unique Red or White wine blend, using a combination of wine varietals. Blend a popular Italian Red blend such as a Super Tuscan. Or, if White Wines are more your style, see how well-known varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc are blended with lesser – known varieties for some of the most delicious wines around the globe.

Additional creative activities are also part of this workshop, which makes it an engaging session for everyone.

Once the team is satisfied with their blended creation, it is submitted to our panel of judges for tasting as the group describes its new creation. An exciting awards ceremony rounds out this event.


  • Networking
  • Socializing
  • Competition
  • Creativity