Intro to Storytelling Workshop

  • Duration: 90 minutes - 3 hours
  • Group size: up to 20

Think and communicate like a storyteller!  It is more important than ever to deliver messages that connect people and create empathy and understanding.

Whether you’re engaging in everyday communication, interacting via teleconference, delivering a formal presentation, or relaying tough messages to your team, storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire and engage your audience. During this experiential workshop, your team will learn how to break down a story into beats, tailor your message to different audiences, and explore new ways to mine your brain for the details and specifics that bring stories to life and compel audiences.

In the extended version of this workshop, your team will have a chance to tell their stories and receive live feedback from their peers and a professional storytelling coach.

We are currently delivering this workshop virtually, via teleconference.


  • Deliver messages that resonate
  • Transfer knowledge + wisdom
  • Share ideas
  • Think creatively
  • Be more persuasive + influential