Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Duration: varies
  • Group size: varies

We are living in a very stressful time and self-care is more important then ever.  In our experiential workshop, participants learn how to connect better, to yourself, and to others; discover your core values; design an environment for wellness and mindfulness; establish a daily routine so mindfulness becomes the center of your life and health,   We will cover: An introduction to Emotional Intelligence, being present, self-awareness, empathy, motivation, transformation and a sense of community.  We will also discuss practices for developing healthy wellness habits to accelerate well-being—e.g. journaling, meditation, yoga, digital detox, getting into nature, exercise and more.

We can also tie this program into our Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Workshops.

We offer this workshop in two (2) formats:

  • Remote / Virtual Workshop
  • In-Person Workshop


  • Work-Life Balance
  • Manage Stress
  • Self Awareness
  • Importance of taking time for yourself