Crotonville Team Cooking Events

  • Duration: 3+hrs
  • Group size: up to 50 ppl

What better way to encourage collaboration then to get your team working together while preparing and cooking their own meal? This event is geared towards the most inexperienced to the most experienced cooks. There are roles for everyone in a kitchen and everyone is dependent on each other to accomplishing the mission. There are many ways for us to structure this event, however, we have found that the collaborative approach brings out the best in everyone.

Carriage House Kitchen Availability: Be sure you have confirmed the Carriage House availability with your Flik planner.

Menu Options: View a Sample Seasonal Menu

Deliver a collaboratively prepared dinner (or lunch) that results in a multi-course meal for all participants, including vegetarian options.
A light-hearted fun, casual meal to be together, network, mingle/mix and bond.
We can also structure the event to a specific theme or learning objective.

How It Works
Pre-Work – Three weeks prior to the program

* Food allergies/sensitivities and restrictions must be communicated to Cindy Crean at True North Team Building three (3) weeks prior so that menu/ingredients can be planned accordingly.
* We can accommodate most dietary restrictions – however, it is very helpful to know about them in advance.
* Please let us know if it might be a special occasion, so we can plan accordingly

Day of Program
* A light pre-dinner snack will be provided by True North and beverages are provided by Flik. Please arrange beverages with your planner.
* What to wear: The dress code is casual. Closed-toed shoes are required (no sandals or high heels). Aprons are provided. Those with long hair should wear it pulled back.
* Teams are provided ingredients with which to work.
* There may be some negotiation required for utensils, grill space, etc. There are two (2) each of Grills, Cook tops, Convection Ovens, standard Ovens and microwaves available to use in preparing the meal.

Program Timing (example):
6:00PM – participants begin to arrive from their meeting – beverages and light appetizer
6:15PM – Program kicks off; and instructions are provided
6:30PM – 7:30PM – Teams have one (1) hour to prepare and execute/cook their portion of the team dinner, with enough prepared for the entire group.
By 7:45PM – Teams convene to dinner – everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor together.


  • Creative
  • Getting to know your team
  • Mixing & Mingling
  • Networking Fun