Apr 27, 2020

Comfort Food: Chocolate Lava Cakes

by Cindy Crean     

Each week we will be sharing some of our more popular comfort food recipes from True North Cooking Events. The recipes we share are both family-friendly and delicious! Let us know what you think and please send us photos of your creations!

chocolate lava cake recipe

Apr 13, 2020

Virtual Team Building Offerings

by Cindy Crean     

scavenger hunt pancake face
True North Team Building Virtual Scavenger Hunt

We offer a host of virtual team building offerings for your remote team.

Looking for something competitive to engage your team? Check out our Virtual Scavenger Hunts or our Virtual Puzzlemaster Challenge.

If you are looking for new hires, interns or your existing team to get to know each other better, we offer many Networking options.

Not all options are on our website, so please reach out for more information at 203.730.0606.