Sep 5, 2019

Back to School Programs Help Both Your Organization and Your Community

by Cindy Crean     

Here at True North Team Building, LLC, we can help your organization improve engagement, encourage collaboration, and help build morale through activities that help develop practical work-related interpersonal skills in a fun and engaging way. 

With the back-to-school season already underway, your organization can help underprivileged kids get the school year off to a good start as well as reap the benefits of team building. Here are two of these “giving back” events that we can organize for you: 

Art Kits for Kids

In general, the curriculum of a low-income student’s education includes less emphasis on the arts than the curriculum of a high-income student’s education. That’s not because low-income students are any less in need of having their creativity fostered; it’s often because of an inability to afford the necessary supplies to pursue the arts in education. 

You can help change that with Art Kits for Kids. Teams go head-to-head in lighthearted arts and crafts-related competitions. Teams secure art supplies along the way, and the art supplies are used in each kit. Whether you want to see who can make the most kits (quantity) or the most robust kits (quality), completed kits will be donated to a charitable organization of your choosing, or we can find a deserving organization for you. While you help kids in your community, you’ll also be encouraging creativity among your team, and creating an environment that’s full of energy, collaboration, and a friendly sense of competition.

Backpacks for Success

In a similar vein to Art Kids for Kids, this event involves breaking into teams and competing for supplies to fill a backpack that will be donated to needy children through a local charity. Buying school supplies is a luxury that some low-income families simply cannot afford, but you can help. The activities you complete during the Backpacks for Success event can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish; the goal is to achieve collaboration through competition, all while supporting a worthy cause.  

To learn more about these events, as well as newly-offered game show events like This is Jeoparty and Battle of the Stars, contact True North Team Building today!