Oct 25, 2019

Get Your Team Together and Get Outside While the Weather is Still Nice

by Cindy Crean     

Studies have shown that disengaged employees are 87% more likely to leave a company, according to the Corporate Leadership Council. Engaged employees are happier, make more money, and are more likely to share the goals and vision of their employers. As one of the most reputable team building companies in the United States, True North Team Building, LLC helps businesses to increase employee engagement levels through their personalized outdoor team-building events.

Team building is a proven way to build trust, focus, and foster excellent working relationships  with all types and levels of employees throughout organizations.

Here at True North Team Building, we offer several exclusive workshops, activities and events that bring teams together in exciting ways both onsite and offsite. These experiential team-building events include:

The Remarkable Race

This team-based “race” fits within a 1.5 to 2 hour time slot and can be catered for any size group.  It is possible to customize some aspects to your organization.

The race showcases teamwork using indoor and outdoor spaces at hotels, conference centers, college campuses, public parks, or urban neighborhoods. This competitive activity is loosely based on The Amazing Race, as teams are required to find and solve a variety of challenges. Teams will face roadblocks and detours as they pick up various objects and clues as part of their outing. The team that accumulates the most points will receive medals and  bragging rights.

Survival Skills Workshop or Relay

This workshop or event involves a challenging but enjoyable day out of the office, in nature. Attendees will learn the basics of outdoor group survival by our team of trained facilitators. Skills such as fire-building, foraging, basic first aid, shelter-building, and long-range communication are taught as teams work together to “survive” the elements and any other challenge thrown their way. This exercise can be run in most any weather condition, and even through the night. All attendees are asked to come prepared for the elements. Skills-based team competitions are available upon booking request. 

The takeaway goals from the Survival Skills workshop include leveraging skillsets, working together, outdoor survival, and taking a break from our dependence on technology.

Geocaching Adventure

Geocaching is the modern-day equivalent of “hide and seek.” Equipped with GPS devices, your team will search for and locate hidden caches. The team that works through all the clues the fastest are the winners. We offer a coaching session at the start of the program to educate how to navigate using a GPS device.

Our team has years of experience in experiential team building, from team-building event ideas to learning and development workshops designed to bring your employees closer together. As the world becomes more digitally collaborative, we believe that effective face-to-face (human) collaboration has never been more critical. Creating synergy amongst employees helps to create an energized and creative working atmosphere which is evident in employee job satisfaction and the bottom line of business profits.

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