May 16, 2018

How to Leave Your Comfort Zone And Why It’s Important To

by Cindy Crean     

LifeHacker “Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone”

In this lifehacker blog post, author Alan Henry discusses the importance of pushing yourself beyond the limits of your ‘comfort zone’. He admonishes the complacency of neglecting to try new things and falling back on old habits. In his guide to how to leave your comfort zone and why you should, Henry brings up “Optimal Anxiety”. Optimal anxiety is the idea that you need a small amount of stress to perform at your best. Optimal anxiety can be exploited in a work environment to help create a more productive space. Research cited in the article suggests that without enough risk or unfamiliarity involved in a task, workers can easily fall into a steady and sluggish pace or even apathy. True North Team Building offers programs (like Chain Reaction) that will allow you to see how your employees flourish when confronted with new and semi-stressful challenges. These programs are designed to give your company ideas about how a more dynamic workplace is more conducive to success.