Aug 21, 2018

Preventing Teams from Burning Out

by Cindy Crean     

It can be helpful to take the best practices you learn at one job and apply them to another.  One thing that really stuck with me when I worked at Netflix was that my managers would highly recommend people NOT to call, email, text, etc. people from the office who were on vacation.  Instead, they recommended keeping a list of topics to discuss with them when they returned.  Their philosophy was so much of a project would be moved along by the time they got back that it wouldn’t matter anyway.  It was up to you to schedule time with the person upon their return from vacation and catch them up.  This approach was helpful from a preventing burnout perspective and allowing people to really relax when on holiday.  Here is a great article on some other helpful ways to reduce burnout.


What ideas have worked for you to prevent team burnout?