Jun 21, 2018

Unlocking Creative Genius Artist Erik Wahl Tells Us How to Revive Our Passion

by Cindy Crean     

Unlock Your Creative Genius: 4 Steps to being provocative with a purpose

This Fast Company post by author Ekaterina Walter addresses how to maintain and apply an active imagination into your adult life. To do this, we must become provocative. Graffiti artist Erik Wahl says you can become more provocative “by constantly looking for obstacles to growth and opportunities for progress regardless of your daily duties—you can provide your company with a measure of critical preparation it doesn’t currently have.” Wahl distills the importance of the artist in the fact that the artist doesn’t wait until (s)he is directly provoked but provokes her/himself and those around her/him. This process helps bring about the improvement of vestigial ideas or processes within your company that have been reinforced by their normality. True North Team Building offers many Learning programs that can help your company to become more curious which in turn stimulates the rethinking of old ideas.

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