Jul 25, 2019

We Are Officially a Certified Women-Owned Business (WBENC)

by Cindy Crean     

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has certified True North Team Building, LLC as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).  

WBENC is America’s third largest third-party certifier of U.S. businesses that are owned and operated by women, and thus promote diversity in the corporate world. The process needed to receive this distinction is meticulous and thorough, so we are honored and proud to announce it. 

“Being recognized as a woman-owned business is a great honor, but it’s not what this recognition means for our company that really matters,” said Cindy Crean, our Chief Experience Officer. “It’s what it means for women all over this country who every day strive to make their mark in the corporate world and in our culture as a whole. That’s what counts the most.”

The Review Process

WBENC doesn’t give the WBE designation to just anybody. Our company passed through a detailed process in which WBENC inspected our site and conducted a review of our business practices. The purpose of these procedures is to confirm that at least 51% of a business is owned, operated, and controlled by a woman or women, not just on paper but in practice.

Why Should Our Clients Care?

The fact that we’ve been given this distinction is one more reason to choose True North Team Building, LLC to organize your organization’s next team building event. One of the primary purposes of putting on an event of this kind is to build morale in your workplace. By choosing a WBE to help your organization, you are showing your employees that you support diversity in your workplace. By demonstrating that you value women’s contributions to the corporate world, you are making the women in your organization feel more welcome and valued as well. 

This small but noticeable gesture can have a significant impact on improving your company culture and showing that you prioritize inclusivity. This will make your team building even more effective, as you make every member of the team feel equally appreciated.

As we said, this is one more reason to hire True North Team Building, LLC for your next team building event. To learn more, contact us today!